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A Change is Gonna Come

In the past I have used the posts in this blog to share essays, my thoughts on politics, personal stories and ideas; I felt like making a change. Mind you, I am still the same person and my socio-political views have not changed. Looking over my extensive media collection, (based on my own definition this includes: movies, books, music in all of the physical and digital forms), I realized that my tastes are various quite eclectic. As such, the Multifarious Man was born.

The Multifarious Man blog and podcast will be where I share with you all of the things that I love/hate, like/dislike in the world music, film, theater, and books. This will include both the artist and the art that they create. I will sprnkle in my love of video games and technology. Along the way I will share essays, reviews, interviews and new discoveries.

Stay tuned, becasues a change is gonna come……

Multifarious: numerous and varied; greatly diverse or manifold

Man: the human individual as representing the species

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