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Down By the River – My Journey to the Gate River Run – Week 4

Baby, it’s cold outside

On Sunday I ran outside for the first time.  No not for the first time in my life, just the first time since I started training for the River Run.  What’s even more amazing –well at least to me it is– I ran for a new personal record distance of 4 miles.  It’s weird, but the run was harder and easier than I though it would be.  Easier because I ran the 4 miles without discomfort.  Harder because after running on a treadmill with easy to select speed, I found myself running much faster than I should have for the first 3/4 mile.  Once I figured out my comfortable pace, the rest was academic.  That is if you consider running outside into a stiff breeze on a morning in the mid 40’s as academic.  Doesn’t matter though, I’m proud of everything I have accomplished thus far.  I set a goal and I have been consistent in my progress.  This is a big step for me when it comes to exercise.

Running Log

December 20 – Ran 4 miles

December 23 – Ran 2.5 miles

December 25 -Ran 3 miles – I’m really proud of this one.  Who runs on Christmas Day?

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