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No Room at the Top

They say there’s no room at the top. Stuff like that has gotta stop. I don’t need to make you fall so I can stand. I’ll give you a hand because that’s what human decency demands.

You look at me and see a stranger full of danger And can’t seem to understand my anger. Now close you eyes and you’ll be surprised.

Make a choice to hear my voice – it’s like music. There’s not color to the sound, it’s quite profound. Rhythm in sections, brass and strings joining at the intersection. Treble and bass, palatable to the taste. Love is not a product of waste.

Seasons change but people remain the same. Add poison to the environment and we all can’t breathe. You won’t need to put your hands up if I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Jesus died for our sins so we would stop killing each other. Look at that man in blue and treat him like your brother. Simply put, that means, you have the same mother. You can’t strike him down if you claim to love her.

Pray for patience, empathy, and wisdom to learn. It may feel like the end of times, But you don’t have to contribute to the burn.

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