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Breathe again

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Four years ago, when Donald Trump was elected president, it felt like a suffocating weight had been placed on my chest. Understand that after eight years of President Barack Obama, many assumed that we were in a post-racial United States; the fateful election in 2016 and the past four years proved that we were mistaken. How could a country that elected the first African American to its highest office (not once, but twice), select an immoral, uncouth, bigoted, misogynistic, pathological liar? Sure, the fringes of the society, the hate groups and racists would follow the clarion call, but not the conservatives in middle America. Apparently I was too naïve the believe that millions of people would choose selfishness over the greater good. Don't get me wrong, a lot of good people that I know honestly thought that a failed businessman would be good for the economy and that there would be enough good people in government and the administration to rein in his baser instincts. But it was all for naught. Instead he filled his orbit with unqualified toadies, sycophants, cronies and family members. Elected officials that knew the difference from right and wrong were so afraid of the Trump Cult of Personality, that they cowered and jumped in line just for the sake of holding onto power.

Now, on November 7, 2020, we have the chance to start healing our fractured country. The weight of oppression is lifted from the chest of the nation. Record breaking amounts of people voted for a positive change. It's time for the racists and oppressors that have been proudly operation in broad daylight to crawl back into their darkest holes. My hope and fervent prayer is that once all of the hateful, parasitic tendrils that have leached their way onto the back of the Grand Old Party will allow this nation to get back to respectful discussion. Maybe we can begin acting like opponents with differing view on solutions to common problems and not like enemies seeking mutual destruction. I am confident in one thing, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will bring decorum and honor back to the Oval Office.

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