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Down By the River – My Journey to the Gate River Run – Week 2

Here I am in my second week of preparing for the race and I feel good.  The hardest part–so far–is actually making the time to run.  Once I start running, it seems easy.  Of course the longest time I have run is for 34 minutes straight and the longest distance has been 2.2 miles.  But, they say that every journey starts with a single step, so I can take heart in the fact that I’ve taken a lot of little steps.

Before I started writing this entry for week number 2, I was geeking out over the neat web capable features built into my Polar (r) heart monitor  (model F6).  After working out, I run a small application on my computer, press send on my Polar watch, hold it up to my microphone, and voila! — my workout has now uploaded to my personal trainer account.  For even more geekery (my blog, my word) I found a 10 K running 10 week running program that I can follow.  Although I’m sure that my buddy 8-Mile can come with something specifically tailored to my finishing the 15 K Gate River Run.

Running Journal – Week 2

  1. December 8, 2009 – Ran 2 miles while listening to Natalie Imbruglia Smart DJ mix on my Zune 120

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