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Multifarious Man Podcast 20: It’s the Sport of Kings (Show Notes)

Episode 20: On this episode I talk about my favorite sports movies and sports themed movies.

How to listen:

  1. iTunes

  2. Stitcher

  3. Spreaker

Reading, watching, listening to:

  1. Half a King / Half the World (Shattered Seas 1&2) – Joe Abercrombie

  2. The Walking Dead – AMC

  3. Purpose – Justin Bieber

Favorite Sports Movies

  1. Major League

  2. Wildcats

  3. The Might Ducks

  4. The Cutting Edge

  5. The Sandlot

  6. Hoosiers

  7. Jerry McGuire

  8. Bingo Long and The Travelling All-Stars and Motor Kings

  9. The Karate Kid

  10. Remember the Titans

  11. A League of Their Own

  12. Rookie of the Year

  13. Field of Dreams

  14. Bend it Like Beckham

  15. Love and Basketball (I can’t believe I forgot to mention this one on the podcast because it is one of my favorites)

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