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Not Just a Mom - An original poem

This evening I had the pleasure of the fabulous women of the Momtress Adventures On Clubhouse room in Clubhouse. The reason for my attendance this evening was to be the manager / technical director for an amazing audio performance by Khemali Murray (@khemalimurray The Momtress Adventures On Clubhouse is hosted by Nedhege Ptah (@nedhegeptah) and Iris Williams (@iriswilliams). Before the performance, everyone in the room was asked to take 15 minutes to come up with an original piece to be performed in the room. This could take the form of song, poem, free writing, etc.) Inspired by the ladies I met in the room, I created the poem below. Enjoy.

The world tells you that you are just a mom so often that it's all you see
Their point of view colors your vision and clouds your mind.
Everywhere you look the reflection you see is what they behold
They are so colossally wrong. They are mistaken. They have made a grievous mistake.
It's time to recalibrate your vision. Get that check up. A new prescription
Remember your child, the children that knew your were mom even before they could speak.
See their point of view. Their definition of mom is what you should see.
Caregiver. Provider. Physician. Protector. Educator. Monster Slayer. Blanket. Pillow. Mattress. Chef. Hider and Seeker. Peekaboo Champ. Magician. Punisher. Hurt Take-awayer. Shield. Giggle Factory. Tickler. Bather. Quicker Picker Upper. Finder of Loss Things. Imagination Station. Justice Dispenser. Mom.
So when the world tells you, that you are just a mom. Smile, lean in and tell them, yes I am just a mom.
Simply stated and powerful. There aren't enough words in any language to describe just how great you are.
Ask me how I know. Like every man that has ever lived, I just so happen to be a mother's son.

Shout out to the mom's that I know and met in the room.

Dr. Hill-Bennett @Dr. T. OD (

Nickie Robinson @goodgirlPR

Sha Hayes @shahayes

Thomasina Brown @sinabrown

Michelle N Matlock @michellenicole

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