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Sabbatical Chronicles - Day 16

I am back in the sabbatical saddle after a relaxing vacation trip. This is the explanation for the time jump from day 4 through the vacation post and now day 16. TV shows, movies, and books do it all the time (especially the shows with adults pretending to be high schoolers and then jumping forward in time to a more actor age-appropriate time) so cut me some creative slack. Do I take a 30-minute ride out to St. Augustine and check out one of the many coffee shops clustered within a 2 square mile radius (give or take) of downtown? Or do I stay close to home and go to one of the spots close to me. Well, the Yankees had me sleepless in Seattle and their game didn’t end until nearly 1 in the morning. We won 10-4 so it was worth it. Suffice it to I say I didn’t wake up until after 10, so I opted to stay in the immediate vicinity.

Today’s coffee shop tour stop (betcha can't say that three times fast) is Brass Tacks Coffee Company. They occupy the corner suite (formerly a Starbuck’s) on Bartram Oaks Walk in Fruit Cove. There is a nice shaded sitting area outside with plenty of table and seating. Keep in mind, it will protect you from the sun but not the rain. Inside, there are high tops, small tables and a couch tucked in way in one corner. They have plenty of outlets inside if you plan on sitting for while with your laptop or tablet for a study session. Their coffee is sourced from their own roastery located in Green Cove Springs. The freshness factor is evident. I chose a Brazilian Dark Roast with a splash of almond milk even though they have a broad selection of coffee concoctions to satisfy every taste from espresso shots and cold brew, to lattes to Frappuccino’s. They have a decent breakfast menu with bagels, pastries, and sammies (sandwiches). I tried the Lean & Green: egg white, spinach and avocado spread on a multigrain bagel. I gotta say, it hit the spot. They also have a tasty soft pretzel served with beer cheese and mustard dip which is available after they stop serving breakfast at noon. I have had soft pretzel and it compares to a similar appetizer served at Mellow Mushroom. Stay sharp! (their motto) and come hang out at The Brass Tack.

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