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Sabbatical Chronicles - Day 4

If there is anything that New Yorkers (pronounced Newyawkers like it's one word) know: jaywalking like we own the streets (I'm walking here!), minding our business (if you are getting mugged because you look like a tourist on the subway, that doesn't mean we are getting mugged. You should have tucked your chain like Deebo was coming), a proper slice of pizza, and bagels (trust me, it's not just the water).

Day four found me at one of my favorite local spots, Bite A Bagel. What is the first sign that they are legit, on their website they have a disclaimer underneath their hours of operation, "At times we sell out, especially on holidays. We will close when we sell out. Thank you for understanding." In other words, if you want you bagels, get there early. There are no stale, day old bagels here. Everything is fresh and delicious with every type of bagel variety to can think of. And before you ask, of course they have lox. My go to is the Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich (plain bagel, bacon, fried eggs, and American cheese), but they do offer a variety of options . They are always well-staffed and the service is fast and friendly. You can eat in or take your order to go (online ordering is easy). As an added bonus, their coffee is fresh and the usually have a good dark roast and a flavor. If you miss a taste of home, or you simply what to know what a good bagel taste like, definitely give Bite A Bagel a shot.

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