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Say It Again, We Are Not Great

You can be mediocre and still make it,

I have to be great and they can still take it

Race is still something we have to overcome,

We’ve be getting lapped for 400 years, not surprised by the outcome.

Equality without equity does not equate

A seat at the table is something we have to take

Slavery, Emancipation, Jim Crow, Segregation

Been here since the beginning; built this country without compensation

Black by nature, proud by choice

The world is watching, it’s time we find our voice

You claim your flags and monuments are about legacy and bravery

Yet your declarations of secession sought to preserve slavery

America you looked the other way for far too long

Like a logical statement it can’t be right if any part is wrong

We can’t continue with this strange duality

Where people every day are suffering from brutality

We are not treated equally; since before the country’s birthdate.

I’ll say it again America; although we can be, right now, we are not great.

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