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Shameful Plug

It’s about time. We missed your unique voice. In the meantime the Multifarious Man will visit Quote and Quill

I cannot believe it’s been since THANKSGIVING that I last posted. I have neglected my blog in the worst way. For that, I am so sorry…those of you who are still out there. Lots of things have been happening though! I have been reading and Christmasing and opening my etsy store!!!! Yay!

Alright, let’s get started… In the past month I have read the following:

Krampus••• I didn’t love it. Maybe I love Santa too much or just didn’t care for the story itself but I wasn’t a huge fan.

The Young Elites••• I loved it. Sort of Xmenish and I love the Xmen so there’s that. Plus there’s a kick ass female lead.

Little Women••• it ruled as always.

The Casquette Girls••• OMG I loved this book so hard. New Orleans. Well written vampires. Witches. Did I mention New Orleans? It was perfect.

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