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The Hunt for October: A Date with 28

It’s hard to believe that the 162 games season is over and now the real fun can begin. Is there anything more exciting then October baseball. Yes, I know, the Yankees stumbled down the stretch, but that doesn’t negate everything they accomplished from the crisp days of Spring through the dog days of Summer.

The Yanks lineup 1-9 can go toe-to-toe with anyone’s in the American or National leagues. Sure the analysts, prognosticators, and lay folk will espouse the adage that good pitching will beat good hitting in the playoffs, but would you want to face our boys in the crunch. Do you want to try and navigate the 30 / 100 trio of Texiera, A-Rod, and Cano? Let’s not forget about Hip Hip Jorge, the Grandy Man Granderson, Swish, and Gardner, the fastest Yank since the days of Ricky Henderson.

Granted, our starting pitching outside of CC has been suspect of late, but I’ll take Andy Pettitte with season on the line. And do you want bet against Chamberlin, Wood, and Mo Rivera coming in to protect a lead.

It may not be pretty, but let’s not forget 2000. The Yanks tumbled into the playoffs with a 7 game losing streak and still bounded through the playoffs like a bull in a china shop; culminating in a resounding triumph over their crosstown rivals the New York Metropolitans in a modern day subway series. In the end, people don’t remember the ugly wins and losses; they remember the hardware and the parades down the Canyon of Heroes. It’s October baseball in New York…nobody does it better than the Yanks. Still the champs until someone takes it away from them.

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