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The New Renaissance: Straight with no Chaser

“Bru u needta ramp the podcast up, do a live bi-weekly residency at a bookstore n roll”


That’s how is started. A random text on a Sunday afternoon. And just like that, Bea Kay, the creative force behind A Bea Kay Thing Called Beloved, had reached out to J. Vincent, the host of the Multifarious Man Podcast with the spark of an idea. That was January 20th. Less than 3 weeks later we were live at D&G Deli and Grill in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Two microphones, a DJ (with a 90’s R&B vibe) as the background soundtrack, and two family men that can maneuver with ease between Corporate America and any corner barbershop. The premise was simple, bring an empowerment movement to the people. The Beloved Empowerment Movement.

Reading, education, and family are cool; not just as slogan on a Saturday morning cartoon. Politics, public policy, religion. All topic are open for discussion. Real community isn’t about race and economic status. It is about what connects us rather than what divides us. Bea Kay (Beamon) and J. Vincent (Jonmichael) are black men with unique points of view influenced by our upbringing. From the inner city to the suburbs. Hardworking parents and grandparents that laid the foundation that we were able to build upon. Give us a topic and we can discuss it from all angles with brutal honesty. What we accomplished in just over a month of live shows is, to paraphrase Jay Z, just the preview, this ain’t the show we’re just EQing it. We do this for the culture. There’s a lost generation of youth that doesn’t need another anthem. They need guidance. They need someone that believes you can uplift without an ulterior motive. Now that we have your attention, take a listen:

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